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Concert-Meeting at the Women Palace

Concert-Meeting, given by actress Luigia Messina-D'Agostino and pianist Ismaël Margain, at the Palais de la Femme, in partnership with the Salvation Army Foundation, for women in extremely precarious situations.
Copyright Masha Mosconi

Concert at Intercontinental Hotel

Great fundraising evening on February 11 at Hôtel InterContinental Paris Le Grand with Accueil Ozanam Madeleine. 

A big thank you to all the artists, volunteers, supporters, donors!

Copyright Laurent Méliz

Bretonneau Hospital

Public hospital where Esperanz'Arts has been performing since 2012, notably in the geriatrics and psychiatry departments.
Copyright Simon Guillemin et Yannick Coupannec. 

EREA Toulouse-Lautrec High School

Public institution for disabled children, from primary school to high school, which integrates medical monitoring into schooling at the same time, and prepares students for their professional integration. 

Copyright Simon Guillemin, Masha Mosconi, et Natacha Colmez 

Ozanam-Madeleine Reception
Day care for homeless and extremely vulnerable people, located under the Church of the Madeleine. Esperanz'Arts has been organizing a monthly concert and meeting there for more than three years.
Copyright Masha Mosconi

Foundation Espérance Banlieues' School

Copyright Masha Mosconi