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Concert-Meeting with Winterreise Compagnie Théâtre

A look at the very moving Esperanz'Arts Concert-Meeting at the Palais de la Femme. Many thanks to Winterreise Compagnie Théâtre and its founder Olivier Dhénin, Sandra Basso, Olivia Lauret, Gabriel Caballero, Alexia Pingaud Macbeth, Corentin Garac Emmanuel Christien, and Alexandra Soumm for this moment full of sweetness and strength around Maurice Maeterlinck and his great works. Women were very touched and moved by this combination of theatre, poetry and music.

Copyright Ghislain Butrulle

Concert-Meeting at Ozanam-Madeleine

A wonderful moment around Beethoven's music and letters with one of our founders, Paloma Kouider, who played for the homeless welcomed under the Madeleine, in partnership with the Accueil Ozanam Madeleine. 

Fuzzy faces, but many faces and happy to discover this great man from new angles.

We are back at Ozanam-Madeleine!

Back in pictures on our first concert of this season!

Alexandra Soumm and Paloma Kouider played Claude Debussy, Victor Hugo, Reynaldo Hahn, and César Franck for the homeless welcomed by the Accueil Ozanam Madeleine, and were very happy to meet many of the faithful of this monthly event!
Copyright Masha Mosconi

Concert-Meeting at the Women Palace

Concert-Meeting, given by actress Luigia Messina-D'Agostino and pianist Ismaël Margain, at the Palais de la Femme, in partnership with the Salvation Army Foundation, for women in extremely precarious situations.
Copyright Masha Mosconi

Concert at Intercontinental Hotel

Great fundraising evening on February 11 at Hôtel InterContinental Paris Le Grand with Accueil Ozanam Madeleine. 

A big thank you to all the artists, volunteers, supporters, donors!

Copyright Laurent Méliz